Playable Factory launches Gearbox Video to streamline mobile video ad creation

A tool to generate gameplay videos

Playable Factory launches Gearbox Video to streamline mobile video ad creation

Playable Factory has revealed the launch of its new tool, Gearbox Video, that will enable video variations of mobile gameplay to be more easily created.

Coding experience is not required to benefit from the tool as it generates the gameplay videos, allowing mobile game marketers to record many variations with less developer input. This is provided that the mobile game was developed in Unity.

For example, instead of manually playing and recording multiple outcomes of a level for an ad, Gearbox Video will simulate multiple versions of gameplay with little user input.

Create and enhance

"Video is the most used creative medium amongst gaming companies to promote their games. But, while it’s easy to create a single gameplay video, it’s hard to create, iterate and find the one that performs well," commented Playable Factory co-founder and CEO Gökçe Nur Oguz.

"Our new tool massively reduces the time and technical expertise required - and therefore the cost - by bringing everything into one web-based tool for the first time ever.”

Since Gearbox Video is a web-based tool there are no installations required. One capability in post-processing is the ability to enhance videos, adding graphics and audio effects that can then be used in video trailers, playable ads, and more.

In-game ads outfit Anzu recently revealed that it has partnered with mobile-first data marketplace firm Kochava Collective to offer advertisers "precision targeting" for banner and video ads.

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