Room 8 pledges 2022 net profits to humanitarian aid in Ukraine

Will support initiatives focused on rebuilding the country and supporting refugees

Room 8 pledges 2022 net profits to humanitarian aid in Ukraine

Games service provider Room 8 Group has revealed that it will donate its 2022 net profits to humanitarian aid in Ukraine.

The funds will be directed to support multiple initiatives that are focused on rebuilding and developing the country, as well as helping refugees.

Room 8 Group has offices in six locations across the world, including the Ukrainian capital city, Kyiv, and its mobile games focused studio, Room 8 Studio, located in Cyprus. Room 8 Group has recently announced four new offices in Spain, Romania, Poland, and Serbia, bringing the total to 10, following a revenue rise of 75 per cent in 2021.

Providing support

"Every business must remember its responsibility to society and support Ukraine not only in words but also in deeds," said Room 8 Group chairman Sviatoslav Pohrebnoi.

"Our decision to use all the profits of Room 8 Group companies in 2022 to help refugees and finance various programs related to the development of Ukraine is the best proof of this."

Microsoft recently announced the suspension of new sales of its products and services in Russia and has taken action to defend Ukrainian government, IT, and financial sector organisations from Russia thus far.

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