Global Industry Analysts: Mobile games market to reach almost $140 billion by 2026

Expected to reach $94.8 billion by the end of 2022

Global Industry Analysts: Mobile games market to reach almost $140 billion by 2026

Global Industry Analysts’ latest market report, Mobile Gaming - Global Market Trajectory & Analytics, has suggested that, with high-end smartphones now easily available and less expensive, by 2026 the mobile gaming market will reach $139.5 billion.

Data gathered has come from 160 companies including Activision Blizzard, CyberAgent, EA, Niantic, Tencent, and Nintendo.

The firm reported that the trend of a sharp increase in mobile gaming numbers has been most apparent in emerging countries, such as India, China, and Mexico. Between an increase in mobile users, improved mobile internet, and more cross-platform titles, there are a number of contributing factors to the increased segment growth.

Furthermore, during 2022, the global market for mobile gaming is expected to reach $94.8 billion with the US projected to make up approximately $20.3 billion of this.

Enlarging emergent markets 

By 2026, the estimated global market is expected to hit $139.5 billion and smartphones are expected to see a compound annual growth rate of 12.6 per cent, reaching £139.1 billion by the same year.

Noteworthy markets geographically include Japan and Canada, forecasted to grow 11.6 per cent and 9.7 per cent respectively during the period. Germany is close behind at a 9.3 per cent compound annual growth rate.

Global Industry Analysts also expects China to continue its domination, with gaming businesses growing significantly, including overseas expansion.

Tapjoy recently released its Modern Mobile Gamer report, finding that half of today’s mobile gamers prefer an ad-supported model over pay-to-play.

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