Tilting Point and Stardust partner to help indies integrate NFTs

Providing access to metaverse-building tools

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March 17th, 2022 partnership Stardust
Tilting Point
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Tilting Point and Stardust partner to help indies integrate NFTs

Mobile games publisher Tilting Point has partnered with NFT integration solution Stardust to bring blockchain access to indie developers.

Stardust provides access to tools for indie developers and Triple-A developers looking to build in the metaverse, which aligns with Tilting Point’s strategies. Its low-code, blockchain-free API claims to enable fast NFT integration in a cost-effective way.

The partnership will combine Tilting Point’s publishing platform, ad monetisation and app store optimisation with Stardust’s technology infrastructure and approach to in-game NFT creation.

"Partnering with Tilting Point positions Stardust as the API for leading game publishers building on blockchain," commented Stardust founder and CEO Canaan Linder.

"Together, Stardust and Tilting Point are paving the way for indie developers to quickly and easily bring play and earn and blockchain games to mobile players worldwide while leveraging next-generation, AIdriven marketing for branding and monetisation."

Accelerating developers

With more than 35 developer partners, Tilting Point’s user acquisition fund has enabled its development with services in app store optimisation, marketing creative and UA management. Previous launches include Star Trek Timelines and SpongeBob: Krusty Cook-Off, which launched in Africa last October.

"At our core, Tilting Point is and has always been about accelerating and amplifying developers’ businesses and, in so doing, changing their lives," said Tilting Point president and co-CEO Samir Agili.

"The metaverse provides even more opportunities for our developers’ growth, and we have big plans to help them take advantage in myriad ways. This new partnership with Stardust will enable us to be the bridge from Web 2.0 to Web 3.0 for our indie developer partners, as well as easily bring new metaverse-ready games to mobile players worldwide while leveraging next-generation, AI-powered marketing for branding and monetisation."

Last month, Tilting Point unveiled a partnership with Gear Inc. and Mars Retail Group to launch M&M’s Adventure

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