Rogue Games announces a new and permanent four-day work week for all employees

"We're doing it for our people, because life is too short, and because quality of life is really damned important," says Rogue Games CEO

Rogue Games announces a new and permanent four-day work week for all employees

Rogue Games, the subscription games publisher of The Last Case of Benedict Fox and Highwater, has announced a permanent four-day work week for all employees.

The official announcement was made on LinkedIn by Rogue Games Ceo Matt Casamassina. He wrote, "As we've been gearing up for PAX West, it's been something of a mad scramble, with an increased workload under more strict deadlines, and this got the leadership team at the company thinking about work hours and quality of life for all employees."

In the announcement, Casamassina noted that there will be no extra hours to make up for the Fridays off.

The four-day work week will take effect in early September, days after the conclusion of PAX West, an event that celebrates gaming and gaming culture.

Casamassina explains that the company is expecting a few challenges in making this four-day work week happen. However, he is confident that the team at Rogue Games can juggle it in ways that ensure there are no gaps for its developers, business partners, or customers.

Rogue Games CEO wrote, "Meanwhile, the extra day and a permanent three-day weekend is absolutely material to the lives of our employees."

"Selfishly, cynically, you could say this is all great for the company. Happier employees do better work. Or that we can use this as a selling point during recruitment. Sure, all true."

After raising $2.5 million in a Series A funding round early last year, Rogue Games planned to use the money to scale its team - a team that will now be working four days a week.

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