Digital Turbine releases App Install Marketing Survey results

Video ads prove to be the dominant user acquisition channel

Digital Turbine releases App Install Marketing Survey results

Digital Turbine has unveiled the results of its App Install Marketing Survey, which asked respondents 28 questions regarding their strategies and resulting user acquisition.

Over 140 companies worldwide took part in the survey. Firms headquartered in Europe, The Middle East, and Africa account for 43 percent of respondents, while 27 percent of companies are based in North America and 25 percent in the Asia Pacific region. The additional 5 percent of respondents are headquartered in Latin America.

61 percent of publishers have adapted to Apple’s SKAdNetwork – an increase of 25 percent from 2021. 27 percent plan to adapt to the network and use the network, a decrease from 48 percent in 2021.

It should be noted, however, that several of the respondents may have responded to either last year or this year’s survey, rather than both, and others who planned to adapt to the network in 2021 may already have done so.

A slim majority of publishers surveyed – 50.4 percent – work with ad networks and UA methods on iOS that don’t support SKAdNetwork.

Following the launch of SKAdNetwork, several UA channels have seen an increase in spend. Apple Search Ads led the charge with a 38 percent increase, although it should be noted this channel was already growing more popular prior to the launch of the network due to it being a required stop for every app install.

Video reigns supreme

Video ads were ranked number one in terms of budget allocation with 46 percent of respondents stating that they allocate the majority of their UA budget on such ads. This is more than twice the number of respondents who spent more money on display ads, which came in second place at 18 percent.

Publishers ranked full-screen video (51 percent), social media videos (46 percent) and in-feed videos (41 percent) as the most effective UA methods, with network displays (37 percent) and social media displays (34 percent) coming close behind.

64 percent of respondents claimed that rewarded ads – where the user gains an increasing in-game reward for consuming more video ads – are an effective UA channel, with 40 percent calling them “very” or “extremely” effective. This falls in line with several other studies which show that not only are rewarded ads effective, but they’re growing increasingly prevalent in a wider variety of apps.

Looking forward, 69 percent of publishers surveyed state that they intend to increase their UA budget, while 58 percent plan to increase their reach into new geographic markets. 56 percent plan to shift their focus and invest more into video ads.

Earlier this week, we wrote that 74 percent of consumers discover new apps through mobile advertising.

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