Safe In Our World celebrates its three year anniversary

The charity is celebrating with a fundraiser and a series of announcements

 Safe In Our World celebrates its three year anniversary

Safe In Our World, an organisation that works within the games industry to promote mental health awareness and eliminate the stigma which often surrounds mental health, is celebrating its third anniversary.

As well as celebrating three years of progress the charity also made some announcements, one being the launch of a new Ambassador Programme, which is sponsored by TechRaptor. This will be an annual programme where representatives are picked to be “class ambassadors” for the year, taking part in events, activities, fundraisers, streams, and more to represent the charity and spread awareness. Applications for the programme are open now for the class of 2023.

Safe In Our World announced its charity fundraiser Press Pause. The idea behind Press Pause is “pressing pause on life by pressing play in-game” the fundraising event that takes place throughout October will see gamers on platforms such as Twitch and YouTube advocating for mental health awareness and showcasing that gaming “can provide a healthy outlet to process difficult emotions”. Permission forms are available for those who wish to take part in the Press Pause fundraiser.

One final announcement

The charity also highlighted a new resource that comes in the form of a mental health introduction toolkit. Safe In Our World has trained over 250 community managers, supplying them with the knowledge and skills needed to help create safer and better workplaces within the games industry. This latest free toolkit will provide current or aspiring community managers with useful tips for self-care and mental well-being.

Over the last three years, Safe In Our World has seen over 200,000 people access the charity website to gain access to resources and find support. The organisation has also provided over £90,000 of free training within the games industry and these latest announcements seem to ensure that Safe In Our World will continue to spread its message across the gaming industry.

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