Reliance Games partners with Atari to publish city-builder & management game Citytopia

The Indian developer will partner with Atari to publish the city-builder & management mobile game Citytopia

Reliance Games partners with Atari to publish city-builder & management game Citytopia

Reliance Games, the gaming arm of Indian company Reliance Entertainment Group, will publish the city-builder and management game Citytopia in collaboration with games giant Atari. The company will publish the game in multiple markets according to their announcement, and support it in a variety of ways including live ops. Citytopia is marked as only the first game to be published under their collaboration, suggesting if this release is successful we may see more released under their umbrella in future. Reliance Games have previous experience publishing for a number of brands in film and entertainment, so are well-placed to work with Atari on this project.

In a statement, CEO of Reliance Entertainment Digital, Amit Khanduja commented on the collaboration, “Reliance Games has been integral to the development of the free-to-play space in mobile gaming. We are excited to continue exploring and evolving that space now leveraging Atari’s immensely engaging content. It’s hard to imagine a more appropriate partner to help us play on to our strengths and bridge the gap between players and the entertainment they crave.“

Indian expansion

The collaboration with Atari is part of a new wave of expansion in the Indian mobile development scene, and the decision to place publishing responsibilities with an Indian company indicates wider market confidence in their capabilities and expertise. CEO of Atari, Wade Rosen was equally confident in a statement “Reliance Games is a leader in the free-to-play space and we are excited to be working with them on mobile games. This partnership ensures that our portfolio of mobile games will continue to provide value to players and to our shareholders.”

India’s growing market share of mobile gaming comes at a time when the former world leading Chinese market is contracting for the first time in years. With an equal amount of IT expertise and a growing digital infrastructure, India is poised to overtake China’s market dominance and become the largest for mobile gaming by 2025.

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