World of Tanks: Blitz continues collab spree with Terminator 2 in-game event

Hot off the back of their holiday event, World of Tanks: Blitz are offering another collab event based around the Terminator 2 movie

World of Tanks: Blitz continues collab spree with Terminator 2 in-game event

With the holiday season having just ended, World of Tanks: Blitz is already looking to its next big collaboration. This time it’s with StudioCanal and the famous Terminator franchise, as the game is set to introduce challenges and limited-time cosmetics themed around the film. Players can collect icons of the characters and a specially-themed tank-skin based around the T-800 robot in the famous film. It also features the faces of John and Sarah Connor, as well as the T-1000 robot seen in the film as special icons.

Product Director World of Tanks Blitz, Andrey Ryabovol stated on the collaboration and their reasoning behind using the famous film as it’s focal point “Terminator 2 is an evergreen movie that has firmly cemented itself in the minds and imaginations of movie-watchers around the world. We are proud to offer this exclusive content to our players and look forward to seeing them on World of Tanks Blitz’s battlegrounds!”

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It’s worth noting a few telling things in this collaboration, for one it shows an ongoing trend of major properties not necessarily connected to video games collaborating with them. For another it shows that as Andrey states, so-called ‘evergreen’ properties are seen as worthwhile to collaborate with. Terminator 2 is one of the most critically acclaimed films of all time and one of the most successful in the Terminator franchise. Arguably more so than any of the recent entries. The prestige still connected with it, and the age of the film likely worked in World of Tank: Blitz’s favour in securing this collaboration, allowing more freedom of use than a newer property might.

World of Tanks: Blitz also previously collaborated with Terminator alumni Arnold Schwarzenegger in their Holiday Ops event. We noted the advantages of using famous faces and limited-time cosmetics in our coverage of this and their Halloween event. Interestingly enough, Arnie is nowhere to be seen in the promotional material or event, however this is likely due to scheduling conflicts. But it’s not impossible this idea was put into the mind of World of Tanks devs by Schwarzenegger’s previous appearance in their events.

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