TapNation continues expansion with new offices in Turkiye

The mobile publisher is working on two new Web3 games

TapNation continues expansion with new offices in Turkiye

French publisher TapNation has announced the opening of new offices in Turkiye in 2023, reports Mobidictum. This follows a record-breaking 2022 for the company, which surpassed a milestone 800 million titles across its portfolio of games and was listed as one of the top 20 game publishers by AppMagic.

The company was also selected as an “Outstanding Example of Expansion” at 2022’s Android App Experience Summit, showcasing its continued upwards trajectory.

“Our growth allows us to continue creating high-quality mobile games that push the boundaries of what’s possible in creating truly compelling experiences,” said CEO Hervé Montoute. “Our dedicated team, loyal players, and all our partners helped make 2022 a standout year.

“We continue to prove that mobile games have an extremely bright future, and we are excited about the many innovations in blended and meta gameplays we are working on that we know will bring even more joy and entertainment to gamers everywhere.”

Taking the company to the next level

2022 saw TapNation expand its company to increase development, analytic, and creative capabilities, and currently stands at more than 100 employees. Turkiye has long been a consistent presence in the mobile scene, but 2022 saw the country raising its profile with a number of fresh investments in a number of Turkish companies.

Turkish developers have also become an attractive acquisition target for a number big names in the mobile games space, with Zynga alone acquiring several. As such, it’s clear that the country has a wealth of local talent, and this move can allow TapNation to expand its market reach significantly by establishing a presence in an industry hotspot.

Among other things, Tapnation plans to implement new features, including in-game cryptocurrencies, as well as forge new partnerships with metaverse companies in 2022. This furthers the company’s interest in Web3 technology, as it has previously partnered with Ternoa on blockchain prizes.



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