70 new Roblox experiences surpassed 1 billion visits in 2022

With an incredible 15,900 new experiences being added daily

70 new Roblox experiences surpassed 1 billion visits in 2022

Roblox has released its yearly recap for 2022 with data, trends, and defining moments galore.

In total, 70 or more Roblox experiences joined the metaverse platform’s "billion visit" club, meaning (as the name suggests) at least one billion visits were made to them. The rate appears to be accelerating, as it took more than a decade before the first 10 experiences reached this milestone.

In total, 15,900 new experiences were added daily to a total of 5.8 million in 2022, with the most popular overall being Brookhaven, Blox Fruits and BedWars, among others. Notably, in the UK specifically, Adopt Me! came out on top.

Building blocks rise high

Regarding sales, a total of 1.8 billion avatar items were sold within Roblox last year, with 176.8 billion total avatar updates made. Adopt Me! grossed the most on the platform overall, followed by Pet Simulator X! and Blox Fruits. New experiences that found fast success include Evade and Race Clicker, both created last year and reaching millions of players within weeks.

In terms of Roblox’s application as a social platform, the recap notes that 2.1 billion chat messages were sent from within the platform through 2022, or 111.3 million every day. In November, Roblox reported its quarterly revenue to be $517.7 million, representing a 2 percent increase from the same period in 2021. As for the number of daily active users, Roblox had 58.8 million throughout 2022, with the 17-24 age range growing the fastest.

Looking to experiences on somewhat of a smaller scale but still growing traction, more than 20,000 total reached the 100,000-visit milestone in 2022. Meanwhile, 20 experiences reached beyond 1 billion visitors in the past year alone.

The full Roblox recap includes more data and information on creator tools to continue growing the platform.

At the tail-end of last year, Roblox announced the hiring of John Stauffer as vice president of engineering for the Engine Group, and since then 2023 has kicked off with fashion brand H&M launching a new game within the platform.


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