Xsolla expands digital distribution hub to telecommunications carriers

After debuting their cloud gaming solutions earlier this week, Xsolla are continuing a spree of announcements with their new digital distribution hub

Xsolla expands digital distribution hub to telecommunications carriers

Xsolla has announced that they intend to expand their digital distribution hub to include work with telecommunications carriers. The announcement comes as Xsolla earlier this week announced they were expanding into the cloud gaming world to offer a similar suite of tools for cloud platforms to allow developers to monetise their games.

The expansion to the Digital Distribution Platform is described as allowing telecommunications carriers to create online shops and portals from which they can sell games and in-game goods in collaboration with developers.

Chief Revenue Officer for Xsolla, Anton Zelenin commented "Xsolla's goal is always to find solutions that will benefit game developers in more ways than one. We felt it was important to create an accessible hub that gives developers a wide array of opportunities by creating a beneficial impact within their market of consumers. With our telecommunications carrier partners, this solution will offer a wider variety of games to a diverse user base worldwide."

Bundled games on your phone

It’s interesting to note that as part of the intended role of this digital distribution hub, Xsolla will also facilitate games being included in carrier promotional bundles. The idea of telecommunications carriers offering deals on games is nothing new, however again, Xsolla clearly believes that there will be enough demand that their digital distribution hub will pay dividends. The move certainly indicates further confidence in the area. 

It also indicates how many third-parties are pursuing new payment and purchasing solutions. Recent legal rulings have effectively opened the floodgates for third-party payments to be widely accepted on mobile platforms. For many telecoms carriers who are looking to add to the value proposition of their product, games might be a way forward.

Games are an increasingly important growth area for telecoms and service industries. Take for example United Airline's presentation by Clare Dussman at our PGC London 2023 event. The airline is embracing mobile gaming in order to enhance the customer experience by integrating games into their app.

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