Machine Zone announces new Final Fantasy mobile game

The Game of War developer continues their journey into the world of Final Fantasy with War for Eos

Machine Zone announces new Final Fantasy mobile game

Machine Zone, developers of Game of War, are set to tackle another JRPG adaptation with their latest game Final Fantasy: War for Eos.

Announced today, this is not the first time that the mobile strategy developer has collaborated with Square Enix. Previously Machine Zone had released Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire, and now, following the success of that title, the developer is set to release a new game set in the same Final Fantasy XV universe.

General manager of Machine Zone Thomas Wells emphasised how the brand recognition for the series would help the game. “Final Fantasy is a storied video game franchise that players have come to know and love and we're thrilled for the worldwide release of the latest iteration, FFXV: War for Eos. We are excited to share this next generation MZ game with our players. Whether engaged in brand new hero battles or reimagined epic scale multiplayer conflicts for control of Eos itself, every player has an opportunity to be a hero.”

Being more Final with your Fantasy

Although Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire has proved a success for the company, some critics did observe that it didn’t do enough with the world famous licence. Now, with a greater emphasis on the series’ iconic characters and their unique abilities it appears that Final Fantasy XV: War for Eos is set to rectify some of those comments by attempting to capture the broader JRPG audience who may not always resonate with Machine Zone’s usual catalogue of titles.

The game's prominent marketing of a story campaign and placing of prominent characters and creatures from the games also indicates a much greater focus on bringing in existing JRPG fans. Given that many are not as widely-known by the general public - but well-liked by long-time fans.

The collaboration also marks confidence by Square Enix in some aspects of the mobile game industry after previously shutting down their game Echoes of Mana less than a year from release. It’s an indicator that experienced developers are viewed as a safer bet for companies that are still attempting to establish a long-term presence in the mobile market.

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