Bitcoin Miner surpasses 1 million players and becomes the biggest play-and-earn game

A week of celebratory events set to take place

Bitcoin Miner surpasses 1 million players and becomes the biggest play-and-earn game

Financial tech company Zebedee has reached a new milestone with the surpassing of 1 million players in Bitcoin Miner, the play-and-earn mobile title created in partnership with European studio Fumb Games.

Among the perks of Bitcoin Miner is, as its name would suggest, the ability to earn Bitcoin by playing the game. Players can generate crypto rewards for free, earning real income that can be converted into Zebedee gift cards or transferred to other wallets.

Earning Bits

Celebrating on Twitter, Zebedee tweeted about the download milestone, stating that this makes Bitcoin Miner the biggest mobile play-and-earn game by user count. The tweet also noted: "We’re celebrating this week, so buckle up for millions of sats flying your way!"

Zebedee has previously been backed by a wide host of companies, such as Square Enix, Initial Capital, and Lakestar. Now, to celebrate the player-related milestone, special Bitcoin Miner events are set to take place with thee million sats in a prize pool spread across one week. Spread evenly across Zebedee’s Discord, Fumb’s Discord, and a special quiz, each source will be offering one million sats.

Zebedee head of business development Ben Cousens spoke with us on how blockchain and crypto are supporting titles within the App Store and Google Play.

The upcoming Bitcoin Miner ZBD Quest will require players to work together as a community, meanwhile a Twitter competition will be selecting three winners in an artwork competition. Artists must show off their image-editing skills by designing a piece that depicts a Bitcoin Manager on vacation in Photoshop.

There will also be an in-game live ops event, with more information expected to come at a later date, although "it'll be obvious in the game once it's live".

We spoke with Zebedee's Ben Cousens on game payments as a native experience last year, followed by a conversation around the impacts such game payments have.

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