Ten Square Games nominates Andrzej Ilczuk as new CEO

Ilzcuk is the current COO, while the current CEO steps down

Ten Square Games nominates Andrzej Ilczuk as new CEO

Ten Square Games’ supervisory board have nominated Adrzej Ilcuk as their new CEO, as current CEO Maciej Zużałek steps down.

Ten Square Games - who previously announced cuts to a quarter of all staff and the axing of two major projects - has been undergoing a strategic review, the latest result of which is the nomination of Ilzcuk as the new CEO. Zużałek previously oversaw the expansion of the company and their first acquisition of Italian studio Rortos and has been in the position since June 2023.

Zużałek provided a statement on the company’s strategy regarding the move. “As the company shifts its focus to its core products, I believe that Ten Square Games needs a CEO with a strong product background. My tenure as CEO of Ten Square Games has come to an end, and I am confident that Andrzej Ilczuk, with his extensive experience and expertise in game development, is the perfect person to take the company forward,” he said

"I have no doubt that the company under Andrzej's leadership and with Wojciech Gattner's [management board member] full dedication to product development will make the transition of the board’s focus on the company’s core products."

The right stuff

The shift in Ten Square Games’ upper management reflects an overall shift from growth and expansion to product development and building upon the same sort of growth seen by many game companies over the pandemic. In this way, Ilcuk’s responsibility is very much to ground the company and ensure it sees success without massive acquisitions or new titles, but by building on their existing portfolio.

“My priority is to bring focus to our development efforts and ensure that each of our core products has a clear plan for success. The company has a strong portfolio of games, and I am dedicated to growing Ten Square Games further,” Ilcuk added.

Wojciech Gattner will also step down from his role on the management board as part of the overall leadership changes, while chief technology officer Janusz Dziemidowicz and chief financial officer Magdalena Jurewicz will remain on board with the new CEO. The company also recently hit troubled waters in China as Fishing Clash was pulled from distribution due to the closing of its publisher in the country.

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