Lilith Games celebrates its tenth anniversary with a documentary video

The company has released a short documentary highlighting the player base

Lilith Games celebrates its tenth anniversary with a documentary video

Lilith Games, the developer of hit games such as Rise of Kingdoms and Dislyte, has released a new short documentary to mark its tenth anniversary. The movie goes one further than the usual giveaways or statements to shine the spotlight on its player base and highlighting the positive impact gaming can have.

“It’s been an amazing decade of Lilith Games, and in that time, I have enjoyed a hearty mix of stories from players all over the world, and they’re always so touching to me,” said Lilith Games CEO Kenny Wang. They made me feel games are not just for playing, but also bearing meaning beyond themselves. Therefore, at this stage of Lilith Games’ 10th anniversary, I want to record all those real stories from players around the world via a most sincere way, a documentary — to share this unique key about the meaning of games.”

Among those highlighted in the documentary are Frank, a Cameroonian primary school teacher who made friends worldwide through the game Rise of Kingdoms and uses the game to engage his students in history, and content creator Volkin, who transitioned from working as an electrician to becoming a full-time gamer, which he credits with giving him “the flexibility to spend more time with [his] kids and family.”

The importance of connection

In addition to these stories, the documentary highlights two couples, Xiao Xiao and Da Hua and Clear and Damien, who met while playing Rise of Kingdoms and went on to marry, with Damien and Claire meeting in person after Damien won a trip to Egypt through a competition run through Rise of Kingdom’s social media.

“As creators, making games has allowed us to make new friends, understand different cultures, and discover the world. These experiences have shaped our work and our lives; they have opened our minds and our hearts,” reads a statement closing the documentary. “We look forward to the next 10 years of bringing the world together through games.”

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