DREST to partner with BAKEUP for in-game collaboration

The luxury styling mobile game will see another fashion brand collab

DREST to partner with BAKEUP for in-game collaboration

Mobile title DREST will partner with BAKEUP, a digital-first beauty brand established by makeup artist Jo Baker and musician Grace Gaustad, for an in-game collaboration.

DREST is a title that allows players to dress and style a variety of supermodel avatars with branded content from a number of high-profile fashion brands. At the time of launch, fashion brand Gucci established a six-month partnership with the title. This latest collaboration will similarly see BAKEUP, which styles itself as a digital-first fashion brand, include a number of their makeup designs in the game for players to add to their digital models.

DREST Founder Lucy Yeomans commented, “There is a lot of excitement around avatar personalisation within gaming and this partnership with BAKEUP gives our DREST stylists the opportunity to do just that. From creating real-life looks for the likes of Olivia Wilde, Bella Hadid, Lucy Boynton and Salma Hayek, to her digital-first makeup brand, Jo’s artistry is undeniable and we are thrilled to be working with her and Grace to bring their vision to life into our game.”

BAKEUP co-founder Jo Baker meanwhile looked at it from a fashion point of view, “As an artist, nothing excites me more than inspiring boundless creativity. Digital-first is at the heart of the BAKEUP brand DNA, and we strive to provide ways for everyone to tap into self-expression through experiential beauty play. I am thrilled to see our imaginative designs live in other worlds through this new partnership with DREST.”

Digital dress-up

The rise of digital clothing has been a hot topic for both proponents and critics of the metaverse concept. For the former it’s an exciting new way to bring the world of fashion and the digital together, while for the latter the lack of any physical component gives the idea limited appeal.

However, regardless of what onlookers think, it’s clear that for major fashion-figures such as Jo Baker, the digital world is not something to be overlooked. The opportunity to exhibit their works in the digital world means that, by definition, these artists can reach many more viewers and enthusiasts than a live show or magazine ever could.

But whether or not this is going to be a passing fad or the start of something new and exciting, people like CEO of DREST, Lisa Bridget are very enthusiastic about the concept. In our interview she stated, “Our ambition is to continue to work with real luxury brands and real talent and people from within the fashion, beauty and lifestyle industries to create an inspiring, highly engaging and powerful global community of style lovers and creatives.”

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