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Newzoo partners with push notification service Pushwoosh to crunch more data

Aims to "introduce smart KPIs on device usage."
Newzoo partners with push notification service Pushwoosh to crunch more data
Date Type Companies Involved Size
Jun 29, 2016 partnership Newzoo Pushwoosh Not disclosed

Cross-platform push notification provider Pushwoosh has been named as the latest key data partner for market intelligence outfit Newzoo.

The aim of the partnership with Pushwoosh - which delivers more than 10 billion push notifications per month - is to provide intelligence on mobile device usage across 200 countries by brand, model, operating system, and screen size.

Devices everywhere

It follows Newzoo's other recent partnerships with PrioriData and DeltaDNA, which are focused on app store intelligence and monetisation metrics respectively.

“We are really excited to start working with Newzoo following months of joint discussions and big data crunching," says Pushwoosh CEO Max Konev.

"Its expertise in market intelligence makes Newzoo the perfect partner to help us bring the vast amount of data we have to third parties.”

New KPIs for a new world

Peter Warman, CEO of Newzoo, thinks that this partnership will be a significant one in updating the way we look at mobile device usage. 

“Pushwoosh has been phenomenally successful in growing their business in a short time frame. Every single second they add 20 new devices to their reach," he says.

"Given our expansion into mobile market intelligence with Newzoo Mobile, we are very happy to have them on board as a key data partner."

"With the mobile hardware data, we aim to introduce smart KPIs on device usage to a world dominated by retail metrics such as units shipped. Our clients are seeking new ways to seize opportunities and prioritize product development and marketing on a global scale. This is an important piece of that puzzle.”