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Nexon signs deal with EA for a new FIFA mobile game in South Korea

Beta testing begins in April
Nexon signs deal with EA for a new FIFA mobile game in South Korea
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Nexon Korea has signed a deal with Electronic Arts to launch new title FIFA Mobile in South Korea.

Closed beta testing for the new game will be held from April 3rd-13th. It will feature squad building and game modes designed specifically for mobile. It will also make use of EA's official licenses of leagues and players.

"Nexon will deploy top resources and its expertise in game service to bring the best FIFA Mobile experience to local players," said Nexon Korea CEO Junghun Lee.

"We hope to entertain both football gamers as well as all football fans."

EA Korea publishing head Scott Yoo added: "We are focusing on FIFA Mobiles development to deliver culturalized experiences of football through mobile devices.

"EA is pleased to work with Nexon to provide the best service for this game."


Observant readers will know that FIFA Mobile already operates outside of South Korea, and had secured 139 million downloads worldwide as of January 2018. We thought it was pretty good when it launched in 2016.

Google and Adidas recently partnered on a new smart insole which tracked useage in exchange for rewards in FIFA Mobile. Players will immediately unlock a new striker for their Ultimate Team upon purchase.

Last month, Electronic Arts issued a permanent ban to former pro FIFA player Kurt0411. That same month, it was confirmed that Nexon Korea would offer a 6.8 per cent pay rise to its employees after an agreement with labour union Starting Point.