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Nexon’s empire-builder DomiNations hits 50 million downloads

Mobile strategy hits the major milestone just in time for its fourth anniversary
Nexon’s empire-builder DomiNations hits 50 million downloads
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Nexon and Big Huge Games’ DomiNations has hit 50 million downloads in time for the game’s fourth anniversary.

The milestone comes ahead of the nation builder’s Space Age update, and a four-year anniversary event blasting off in mid-April.

Big Huge Games was acquired by Nexon in 2016, a year into DomiNations’ life. Nexon, meanwhile, is preparing for a buyout of its own, with five potential bidders including Tencent and Kakao.

Dominant downloads

“Things are going great overall,” said Big Huge Games co-founder Tim Train, speaking to GamesBeat. “We’ve had five age updates so far, with dozens of updates on varying degrees of features over time.

“We know there are hundreds of millions of people out there who love world history, and they can’t get enough content.”

In the wake of DomiNation’s third anniversary last year, the game had netted Big Huge Games $150 million in revenue and 37 million downloads.