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Niantic launches $10 million Creator Program for new location-based AR games

Also opens Pokemon Go sponsored location program for small businesses
Niantic launches $10 million Creator Program for new location-based AR games
Date Type Companies Involved Size
Nov 7, 2019 investment Niantic $10m
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PokemonGo developer Niantic has set up a new initiative that will see the firm invest $10 million in location AR projects.

The Niantic Creator Program (set to launch early 2020) and Niantic Beyond Reality Fund has been established to collaborate with more external developers on games that will land on its platform.

Previously Niantic ran a contest which was seen as a “stepping stone” for the creator program which saw developer JC Soft take home the grand prize for its game Run to My Heart.

“Sea of opportunity”

“We view AR as a sea of opportunity and we can’t navigate these waters alone,” said Niantic head of developer relations Kellee Santiago.

“We know developers are key to creating the new kinds of experiences that get people to explore and connect with the real world.

Developers interested in the Niantic Creator Program can apply here.

SMB Sponsorship program

Simultaneously, Niantic announced a sponsored location program for smaller and medium-sized businesses within Pokemon Go.

Most notably, not long after the game released over 7,800 Starbucks locations around the US were used as PokeStop locations to entice players to visit. 

“We are always transparent and open to our players regarding sponsored locations and feel they mutually benefit our players and these businesses,” said Niantic sponsorship program lead Carla Li.

Businesses interested in joining Sponsored Locations Early Access Beta program due to start in December can visit this link.