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Niantic introduces Niantic ID allowing players to link accounts across titles

In-game usernames will not change
Niantic introduces Niantic ID allowing players to link accounts across titles
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Pokémon Go developer Niantic has introduced a new method for players to link separate accounts between its titles, Niantic ID.

To start a Niantic ID, players must use one of their existing usernames to "lock in" as their Niantic ID. This ID will then be used as their primary and unique identity across all of Niantic’s titles.

However, in-game usernames will not change but existing and future usernames will be linked to the Niantic ID.

Players will not need to start a new account when beginning a new Niantic title as their profile and friends list will be linked to their IDs.

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"Over the years, players’ usernames have grown to become more than just how they choose to represent themselves within our games," said a Niantic spokesperson.

"These usernames define their identity for the friends they’ve made and the communities they’ve joined through playing our titles.

"As we continue to build and launch innovative real-world AR experiences, our goal is to make it easier than ever to manage your identity across Niantic games and the friendships you form through them."

All players of Niantic titles are eligible, and can claim their Niantic ID until November 21st, 2021.

Niantic recently released its latest AR title, Pikmin Bloom, with a gradual rollout worldwide. In Pikmin Bloom, players walk around collecting various Pikmin and leave a trail of flowers.