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Nintendo’s Dragalia Lost finds $16m in revenue after two weeks

$13.5m of which, comes from the US and Japan
Nintendo’s Dragalia Lost finds $16m in revenue after two weeks

Nintendo’s RPG Dragalia Lost has racked up over $16 million in revenue since launching two weeks ago.

According to Senor Tower, $13.5 million of that comes from the US and Japan alone.

It should be noted that the title has only been launched in the US, Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Macau so far.

Dragalia Lost is currently performing strongest in Japan, with local players making up 69 per cent of spending. Comparatively, 16 per cent of revenue hails from the US, while the remaining 15 per cent comes from players in Hong Kong, Taiwan and Macau.

Regarding device, the iOS has proven more favourable and made up 60 per cent of player spending.

Lost and found

As of yesterday, Nintendo and Cygames’ RPG was ranked 19th for downloads among all iOS apps in Japan and 512nd in the US. For revenue, it was ranked 10th on Japan’s App Store and 62nd in the US.

On Google Play, it took 10th on the free app chart in Japan and 184th on the same chart in the US. Its revenue through Google’s platform ranks it fifth by that measure in Japan and No. 32 in the U.S.

Sensor Tower also pointed out that Dragalia Lost’s $16 million haul ranks it third among Nintendo’s games concerning revenue after two weeks in the US and Japan.

It sits someway behind DeNA’s Fire Emblem Heroes $34 million and narrowly behind Super Mario Runs $15.6. It has, however, pulled ahead of Animal Crossing: Pocket Champs, which sat at $9.8 million for the period.