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Nintendo’s Dragalia Lost generates $106 million in first year

Third highest-grossing mobile title for the company
Nintendo’s Dragalia Lost generates $106 million in first year

Action RPG Dragalia Lost has become Nintendo’s third highest-grossing game on mobile, according to data from Sensor Tower.

The Cygames developed title has made $106 million from player spending during its first year, as well as accumulating 3.2 million downloads globally.

Dragalia Lost achieved the $100 million mark in July 2019 and has now gone on to add a further $6 million to the overall figure.

At the time, Dragalia Lost sat at second position for Nintendo’s most successful mobile releases but Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp has now overtaken the title with $111 million.

Dragalia Lost players averaged per an amount of $33 per download, while in comparison users of Animal Crossing averaged around $3.60. However, Fire Emblem Heroes topped both at an average of $39.

$60 million in Japan

Japanese players have counted for the majority of spending with 57 per cent or approximately $60 million of the total number.

The US came second with 22 per cent or $23 million while Hong Kong claimed third at 12 per cent, or $12.5 million.

The largest amount of revenue originated from iOS players at $62 million, while Android users spent the remaining $44 million.

Mario Kart Tour is the latest mobile release from Nintendo, with the game already racing to 20 million downloads within the first 24 hours of being live.