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Nordisk Film invests $18 million in Star Stable Online dev

Game has more than 14 million registered users
Nordisk Film invests $18 million in Star Stable Online dev
Date Type Companies Involved Size
May 15, 2018 investment Nordisk Film Star Stable Entertainment $18m

Film distributor Nordisk Film has invested €15 million ($18m) in mobile and browser games developer Star Stable Entertainment.

The deal sees Nordisk gain a “substantial minority ownership share” in the company behind the Star Stable Online MMORPG.

The film distributor aims to help the company further develop and grow from its current headcount of over 100 staff.

Fifth investment

Describe as an online MMO adventure horse game for girls, Star Stable Online has more than 14 million registered users in 182 countries.

As well as the online title, there are also mobile apps including Star Stable Horses and Star Stable Friends on iOS and Android.

”Our journey to provide a meaningful game experience for girls has just begun, and we continue to give new players around the world a great welcome as they embark on a fantastic adventure and become part of a worldwide community,” said Star Stable Entertainment CEO Johan Sjöberg

“We are very happy that Nordisk Film recognise the importance of our mission and are joining us on this journey.”

Nordisk deal with Star Stable marks its fifth investment from its games arm. Previously it has acquired minority ownership in Avalanche Studios, Reto Moto, Flashbulb Games and Multiverse.

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