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Nordisk Games acquires majority stake in Star Stable Entertainment

Star Stable Online for mobile currently in soft launch
Nordisk Games acquires majority stake in Star Stable Entertainment
Date Type Companies Involved Size
Nov 18, 2021 acquisition Nordisk Games Star Stable Entertainment Not disclosed
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Copenhagen-based Nordisk Games has increased its stake in Swedish game dev studio Star Stable Entertainment for an undisclosed amount.

Star Stable Entertainment is the developer of multiplayer role-playing horse adventure game Star Stable Online.

Star Stable Online has over 1.4 million MAUs across 180 countries worldwide and recently celebrated its 10 year anniversary.

Nordisk first acquired shares in Star Stable Entertainment for $18 million in May 2018, which saw the firm acquire a "substantial minority ownership share". The purchase of additional shares has increased Nordisk Games’ stake in the company to 57 per cent.

Star Stable Online for Mobile is currently in soft launch on iOS in Australia, Canada, Turkey, and New Zealand, and allows players to sync between the desktop and mobile version of the game.

Earlier this year, we spoke with Star Stable CEO Johan Sjöberg about the brand's journey from book club to YouTube.

"True to their vision"

"What we love about Johan and the team at Star Stable Entertainment is how they have stayed true to their vision to create a game that’s so different to anything else on the market," said Nordisk Games managing director Mikkel Weider.

"Not only creating a unique game but then expanding the Star Stable universe into animation, books and more. We like to say that we want to work with studios that have broad and bold visions; having just celebrated the 10th anniversary of Star Stable Online, I can’t think of a studio that better embodies this approach."


Star Stable Entertainment CEO Johan Sjöberg added: "Nordisk Games has been such a positive influence on the studio, and their purchase of additional shares is a big endorsement of everything we’ve done so far and our plans for the future.

"What is so great about Nordisk Games’ approach is that they are not interested in controlling what we do, but rather, helping us in the long term to achieve something special. That’s why we are all looking forward to continuing the great working relationship we have."

At the start of the year, Nordisk made its first investment outside of the Nordic region, acquiring 40 per cent of Spanish developer MercurySteam.