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US and Canada mobile games revenue grows 24% in 2019

$11.82 billion spent in the two countries
US and Canada mobile games revenue grows 24% in 2019

Mobile games revenue in the US and Canada has increased year-over-year by 24 per cent in 2019.

This is according to The NPD Group's Deconstructing Mobile and Tablet Gaming report for 2020, which was created in collaboration with Sensor Tower. The document concluded that $11.82 billion was spent throughout 2019 in mobile games, with numerous big-name titles such as Call of Duty: Mobile being the proponent.

The amount of growth regarding the number of active players across the two countries however decelerated to 214.1 million, a two per cent increase over 2018. It's worth noting that in 2017 this figure dropped by five per cent.

60 per cent of residents in the US and Canada were found to play mobile games. Next to this, it's estimated that 80 per cent of children teens and adults own and/or use a smartphone, with 74 per cent of that number on average playing a mobile game every month.

"Dynamic and expanding"

"Mobile gaming continues to be a dynamic and expanding market, offering appealing content to all types of game players," said The NPD Group games industry analyst Mat Piscatella.

"New hit games in 2019, such as Call of Duty: Mobile, and Mario Kart Tour, along with the launch of the Apple Arcade and Google Play Pass subscription services, are just some examples of the breadth and depth of mobile gaming's rapid evolution and why it remains gaming's largest, and most diverse, platform."

The data in the report originated from a survey of 5,000 active US and Canada mobile game users (over the age of two) conducted in October 2019.

Another survey conducted by the NPD Group disclosed that microtransactions are purchased more often than downloadable content in the US