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Oculus will stop producing its Oculus Go hardware

To focus on the Rift and Quest
Oculus will stop producing its Oculus Go hardware

Oculus will stop production on its virtual reality headset Oculus Go.

As announced in a site update, the Facebook-owned VR specialist has chosen to discontinue its hardware after the Oculus Quest proved to be more successful within its first year of release. More than $100 million has been spent on content for the Quest since its launch.

Sales for the Oculus Go headset will end later this year, but the company will "double down on improving our offerings for Quest and Rift." One such improvement will be an increase in distribution options for app developers.

However, for those who do own the hardware, the system will be maintained by Oculus until 2022. No new apps will be accepted for the Go after December 4th 2020.

On a quest

"We've set a high bar for content on Quest in order to build a platform where people have confidence in the quality of titles they're buying, and developers know their investments have a strong chance of success," said Oculus.

"That strategy is working: In fact, we recently shared that people have spent more than $100M on Quest content, and more than 10 titles have generated over $2M in revenue on Quest. As we build on this success moving forward, our Store curation process won't be going away. But now that Quest has built a healthy and sustainable ecosystem; we're ready to open a new avenue for VR development."