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U21 payment platform Oink partners with Playerize

Secure payment technology for under-21s
U21 payment platform Oink partners with Playerize
Date Type Companies Involved Size
Mar 2, 2015 partnership Playerize Virtual Piggy, Inc. Not disclosed
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The creators behind youth payment technology Oink have taken the opportunity of GDC 2015 to lift the lid on its partnership with the Playerize network.

Virtual Piggy’s Oink secure payment technology will now be implemented into the Playerize network.

Oink has been designed to allow retailers and game pubishers to reach under-21 consumers in a legal manner that complies with the FTC, COPPA, and other international regulations.

The service also acts as a digital wallet that helps protect both consumer and publisher against fraud.

Child protection

It’s a pertinent issue that top video game lawyer Jas Purewal raised at Pocket Gamer Connects in January.

He warned that games for children are hampered with particularly restrictive regulatory guidance, and will be a keen legal focus for the future.

Oink will now have access to Playerize’s SuperRewards scheme, PayByShopping and Facebook-approved ad network PromoteClix. Together, these features open up access to 49,000 app and game publishers.

"We’re thrilled to announce this rapid integration with Playerize," said Dr. Jo Webber, CEO and founder of Oink.

"This expansion of our network continues to advance our goal to make Oink available into new territories across Europe.”