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User acquisition tool Playerize secures $1 million in first funding round

Connecting players with F2P social and mobile games
User acquisition tool Playerize secures $1 million in first funding round
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Vancover-based Playerize  a company set up with the intention of driving players towards games has announced it's closed its first funding round, securing a total of $1 million.

The platform, which is billed by the firm as the "Google AdWords of game advertising", pushes free-to-play mobile and Facebook games at what it believes are relevant consumers by advertising the app in appropriate spaces.

Early backers of the service include Real Ventures, Rho Ventures, Mike Edwards of Initio Group, David Chamandy of Machkor, Martin-Luc Archambault, Dan Robichaud, and Jason Bailey.

Puppy love

"Playerize uses display advertising through blog networks to help find new players for mobile and social games," said co-founder Lyal Avery.

The idea is to cut out the noise by pushing apps at specific consumers rather than advertising en masse - a strategy designed to unite users with games they'll love.

"For example, if a game studio creates a puppy themed game, we would place a display ad on a puppy related website to drive players to the game."

Studios that utilise Playerize can also track how campaigns are progressing via the platform's real-time dashboard, with the firm also producing the creative itself should the developer in question lack an in-house ad department.

Splashing out

Pitched specifically at free-to-play mobile or social titles, Playerize claims the $1 million will be used to reach out to more studios, expand both its sales and development teams and secure more sources of traffic for its ads.

The company also has plans to work on its beta email service, which is designed to keep players engaged with the titles pushed in their direction.


[source: VentureBeat]