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Promising to revolutionise your data, Omniata launches Data Apps

Promises to "go beyond data"
Promising to revolutionise your data, Omniata launches Data Apps
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Founded by a team of data leads from EA and Digital Chocolate, US startup Omniata has announced the launch of its Data Apps platform for beta customers.

The San Francisco firm promises a range of Data Apps which allow mobile developers - and game developers in particular - to effectively analyse and reach out to their consumers, informed by a data-led approach.

Unlike competitors, Omniata says Data Apps enables companies to handle their entire data and testing requirements in an integrated manner.

Rovio, King, EA Mobile, Social Point and Miniclip are already using the platform. Indeed, in a case study, Miniclip claims it increased revenue in one game by 21 percent via a single A/B test.

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The initial set of Data Apps available in the Omniata Store will cover use cases including analytics for games and mobile apps, performance marketing, real-time marketing with custom segmentation, automated push notifications and A/B testing.

"Data Apps will revolutionize the way marketers, product managers and data analysts use data, by enabling end-to-end use cases in just one click," said CEO Alex Arias

"This is just the first step in our vision of going beyond analytics and building a world where data is used to improve every aspect of our lives. The applications of data are still in their infancy but the potential is virtually unlimited."

To learn more about Data Apps head to the Omniata website.