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One SWEET Easter offer - 20% off ticket prices for Pocket Gamer Connects Seattle

Save up to $140 this weekend on May’s two-day games industry conference
One SWEET Easter offer - 20% off ticket prices for Pocket Gamer Connects Seattle
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Put down that chocolate egg! We have something even sweeter to tempt you with...

In case you hadn’t noticed, Pocket Gamer Connects Seattle is now just three weeks away! With the May 13th to 14th conference dates fast approaching, tickets reached full price yesterday, but because we’re in the holiday spirit now that Easter is upon us, we have a special offer for you this weekend.

To celebrate, we’re offering an amazing 20 per cent off full ticket prices meaning you could save up to $140 when you fill up your ticket basket this weekend!

Just use code SWEET by midnight, Wednesday April 24th and register here.

And 6 reasons not to miss Connects Seattle:

  1. Meet the industry: 750 delegates from over 50 countries, representing every possible facet of the sector (ranging from student developers to C-level executives)
  2. Developers galore: 57 per cent of attendees are games developers (from indie to leading studios), with programmer, designer, artist talent the most represented
  3. Do more business: 2,000 meetings through our free, unlimited system, plus networking and matchmaking events for unrivalled opportunities
  4. Connect with the decision makers: Senior management roles account for 40 per cent of our attendants, ensuring you're talking to the people who can make things happen
  5. Listen and learn: Our 125-speaker, 13-track conference agenda is packed with the biggest industry names, delivering world-class expertise and insight
  6. Sign up for fringe events: Registration for our Investor Connector, SpeedMatch, and Mentor Lounge has opened for registered delegates – limited spaces, and first-come, first-served

Save up to $140 this weekend!

With a whopping 20 per cent discount worth up to $140 to unwrap, you don’t need to be an egghead to work out that’s a fantastic deal!

Just make like the Easter bunny and hop over here by the end of Wednesday. Use code SWEET and savour the 'sweet' taste of success...

P.S.: You can save even more money this weekend if you need a hotel for the event. We’ve arranged a very special partner discount with the conference venue Grand Hyatt Seattle - offer ends this Monday, April 22nd.