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OpenSea, Blockade Games and Diginex join the next wave of speakers for the first Blockchain Gamer Connects Hong Kong

Two-day B2B games industry conference looks poised to make an impressive debut next month
OpenSea, Blockade Games and Diginex join the next wave of speakers for the first Blockchain Gamer Connects Hong Kong

There's only a couple of weeks until the debut of Blockchain Gamer Connects Hong Kong, and we still have yet to reveal some of the amazing speakers joining us on July 17th and 18th.

Held at the Cyberport venue in association with Animoca Brands, and part of the Digital Leadership Entertainment Forum, over 20 hours of content will be delivered to you by 50 world class blockchain games industry professionals.

The full schedule is available now! You can view it in this handy document or filter and browse on the official website.

We are delighted to share with you the next wave of speakers joining the incredible roster in Hong Kong, as they join the likes of: Alexander Larsen of Axie Infinity, Gabby Dizon of Alto, John Linden of Mythical Games, Vlad Tomko of Pixowl, Yiseul Cho of InsideDapps, and many more. You can find out more about those speakers here.

Left to right: Yat Siu, Alex Atallah, Robby Yung, Anurag Arjun
Left to right: Yat Siu, Alex Atallah, Robby Yung, Anurag Arjun

Animoca Brands’ chairman Yat Siu will be conducting a session on blockchain and non-fungible tokens (NFTs), arguing that they provide exciting new opportunities for content makers, distributors and consumers. He will also look towards content and how NFTs revolutionise content by enabling digital assets. A must-see talk for anyone looking to improve users’ digital experiences!

“NFTs combine business aspects ranging from funding and retention to UA and engagement.”

Speaking of NFTs, we have a panel of professionals also discussing the value of NFTs. OpenSea’s CTO Alex Atallah is joined by VREX Lab’s CEO Rudy Lee, Animoca Brands’ CEO Robby Yung and Matic Network’s CPO Anurag Arjun, as they look at how NFTs combine business aspects ranging from funding and retention to UA and engagement.

They also ponder the question of how can we build in other types of value such as sentimental, gameplay, utility and community rather than have the focus on financial value. Such wondering is also done by executive producer Chris Chapman of Blockade Games, as he holds a session on new thinking in the design of NFTs.

User experiences

In games development, it’s important that developers cater to the user experiences. Luckily, our conference tracks provide you with the tips and tricks you need to know in order to do so. One of the biggest problems with blockchain games is scale, and the biggest obstacle to growing audience size is UX.

Find out how to combat these problems with Blockade Games’ COO Andrea McGinty, joining a panel with CTO of Triolith Games Andreas Johansson, PANONY’s CEO Alyssa Tsai, Animoca Brands’ COO Arnoldo Concepcion, Bifrost’s CEO Dohyun Pak and ITAM Games’ CCO Damian Byeon as they look at how (and why) we must improve the blockchain user experiences.

“Marguerite deCourcelle joins us for a Superstar Session on building a robust collaborative community.”

We are also joined by Blockade Games’ CTO Benjamin Heidorn, as he hosts a session on balancing security and user experience, exploring various levels of security for the end user, and how developers can produce a high-quality user experience without sacrificing the user’s personal security and improve player acquisition and retention.

And if that wasn’t enough from Blockade Games, we are joined by their CEO Marguerite deCourcelle, as she joins us for a Superstar session on building a robust collaborative community.

deCourcelle has built a brand within the Bitcoin community under a long list of blockchain art and puzzle challenges. She is credited with creating the genre now known as “crypto puzzles”, receiving international publicity from numerous media outlets including the BBC, MIT Tech Review, IBTimes, Bloomberg, Venturebeat, NPR and Motherboard.

We are pleased and honoured to have her join us for Blockchain Gamer Connects.

Left to right: Andrea McGinty, Andreas Johansson, Alyssa Tsai, Damian Byeon
Left to right: Andrea McGinty, Andreas Johansson, Alyssa Tsai, Damian Byeon

Investors unite

Money makes the world go round and those wondering what investors think of blockchain games should attend this insightful investment panel, unmissable for any blockchain professional seeking funding for their next project. You can expect tips and advice from:

  • Block Crafters’ Director of Global Business Joony Koo
  • EOS -’s Brian Mehler
  • Blockwater Management’s CIO Chae Ho Shin
  • Diginex’s head of tokenisation Liam Bussell
  • Kenetic’s managing partner Jehan Chu

Blockchain development

At Blockchain Gamer Connects, we offer genuine advice for developers who are looking to improve their projects. For example, Appxplore’s head of marketing Alex Lim and Animoca Brands’ head of engineering Nathan Sala join a panel discussing and sharing experiences and difficulties in developing and marketing blockchain games. Whereas EOS -’s vice president Tama Churchouse presents an outline of key attributes that venture capital companies look for in blockchain gaming.

“Experiences and difficulties in developing and marketing blockchain games.”

Nick Wu of DOGIgames joins a panel of experts on the myths and beliefs of blockchain gaming, with a Q&A session with developers, while Supertree’s CTO Kwangwook Koh hosts a session on how they did mass adoption in an early blockchain environment, and the experiences and lessons learned on the launching of their game CryptoDozer, which runs on Ethereum blockchain.

We are very pleased to announce that Loom Network’s very own Matthew Campbell will be joining us for another Superstar session to discuss scaling Ethereum games in this must-see talk.

Following on from that, we have Avex Technologies’ executive director Akihisa Ishida discussing and advising you on how to sell limited edition game items and digital contents using blockchain technology.

Left to right: Marguerite DeCourcelle, Brian Mehler, Chae Ho Shin, Liam Bussell
Left to right: Marguerite DeCourcelle, Brian Mehler, Chae Ho Shin, Liam Bussell

Taking blockchain to the next step and into the future

There is no denying that blockchain has become more prominent within the games industry. There’s more investment, more chains, more games and more interest. It’s in a good spot right now, but what does the future look like for blockchain games? What are the main obstacles that we should be looking out for?

Blok Party’s Shane Zhu, MakerDAO’s Doo Wan Nam, Bluezelle’s CEO Pavel Bains,’s CEO Kyle Lu and Versus Systems’ executive chairman Keyvan Peymani come together for a packed panel to explore what’s next for blockchain games.

William Quigley, CEO of Worldwide Asset eXchange tackles this in his own session, as we begin to look to take blockchain to the masses. While Metadium’s CEO Justin Park looks at how the ID Sensitive Gaming Industry can unfold in the future.

We are also joined by Mixmarvel’s Mary Ma, Proof of Capital’s Edith Yeung, Matic Network’s Jayanti Kanani, Upland’s Idan Zuckerman and Metadium’s Calvin Park. Phew! Now that is a packed conference schedule if I do say so myself.

Left to right: Alex Lim, Nathan Sala, Mary Ma, Edith Yeung
Left to right: Alex Lim, Nathan Sala, Mary Ma, Edith Yeung

One ticket, two events

Following Blockchain Gamer Connects to Hong Kong for its first outing to the East is partner event Pocket Gamer Connects, bringing a further eight conference tracks and 80 speakers from the biggest brands in the mobile games industry, including Tencent, Google, NetEase, Giant Interactive, and Super Evil Megacorp.

Covering a range of topics from monetization and growth to the future of esports and the latest trends in the Eastern markets. You can find out more about who’s speaking at the partner event here, here and here.

Your ticket will grant you access to both shows and all 15 conference tracks, with a whopping total of 120 speakers to hear from!

Let’s get down to networking

Our shows aren’t just about the amazing speakers and content that we’ve lined up. It’s about connecting with games industry professionals from all around the world. Hence the name!

Networking is a vital part of business development, and we’re to help you. Whether they be lone developers, students or some of the industry’s finest and biggest developers, publishers, investors or global megabrands, you can find them using our online meeting scheduler.

Pitch & Match is free to all delegates, helping you pinpoint that essential contact out of 500 industry folk. There will also be a Big Indie Zone on the showfloor, giving developers a chance to showcase their games to a range of professionals, catch up with old friends or see what the competition is working on.

Perhaps you could join us for our SpeedMatch sessions, which pair developers and publishers together in a series of speed dating type style meetings.

“Save up to $180 on tickets! Discounts end Thursday, July 4th!”

Making another debut this July is our brand new Investor Connector, which will see pre-selected applicants paired for one-on-one meetings with investors looking to spend their money in the right sector.

We still have spaces left, but hurry as spaces are thinning out! If you’re a developer looking for funding on a project, apply here. Applicants must be registered attendees of our show.

Working on a game? Why not sign up for out Very Big Indie Pitch? This beloved competition will see indie developers showcase their games to a panel of expert judges in order to gain valuable feedback, and a chance to win promotional prizes worth thousands of dollars. Added bonus, you might also win a baseball hat, and glory in the media might also await…

For those familiar with our Connects series, then you would know all about our fantastic Global Connects Party. Held on the first night of the conference, you can enjoy a free bar, finger food and music all while networking until late. Just because the show is shut for business doesn’t mean you have to be!

Last chance to save money

Want to be part of something special next month? Join us for our first ever Blockchain Gamer and Pocket Gamer Connects Hong Kong, and save yourself up to $180 on the price of tickets! But hurry - these discounts end next week, so book now!

Want to speak to our audience?

Our conference schedule for Hong Kong is full now. But submissions are already open for future Connects events in Helsinki this September, Amman this November - and even London in January 2020. So if you’re an expert with insight to share, please consider addressing our audience in the future. If you’d like to speak at any of our international events, get in touch using this form or email