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Ouya, Nvidia and Flurry bound for GDC Europe's Smartphone & Tablet Games Summit

The rise of the unconsoles
Ouya, Nvidia and Flurry bound for GDC Europe's Smartphone & Tablet Games Summit
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GDC Europe 2013 kicks off in Cologne later this month, and talks for the new Smartphone & Tablet Games Summit have been unveiled, with some big names set to take to the stage.

One of the highlights looks to be a panel talk dubbed 'Will Unconsoles Become the Real Next-Gen Consoles?'

Discussing the issue of what role unconsoles will play in the future of the games industry will be PlayJam's Sameer Baroova, MOGA's Brian Bruning, Ouya's Julie Uhrman, Nvidia's Phil Scott, and Fishlabs' Michael Schade.

For those looking to expand their horizons and markets, a pair of talks 'Russian Mobile Game Market: Not Easy but Worth It' (Julia Lebedeva, Nevosoft) and 'Entering and Succeeding in China's Complex Mobile Gaming' (Peng Lu, Tencent) should provide some valuable insight.

Multi-Platform and Multiplayer

For those interested in analytics, Flurry's Guillaume Larrieu will lead 'Smartphone & Tablet Apps: Mobile Game Metrics', a talk aimed at helping attendees understand how usage and spending varies across platforms, genders, and ages.

Other notable talks include Alistair Aitcheson's 'Getting Physical with Tablet Multiplayer' and Jani Kahrama of Secret Exit's 'We Can't Afford to Focus: A New Way of Thinking for Multi-Platform'.

Game Developers Conference Europe 2013 runs from August 19 - August 21 in Cologne, Germany.

The full schedule of the Smartphone & Tablet Games Summit schedule can be found here.

If you're a developer attending either GDC Europe or Gamescom in Cologne, also mark down our Big Indie Pitch - where you can pitch your game to mobile app journalists - on 20 August down in your calendar.