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Over 50% of Apple devices now have iOS 10 installed

Slower uptake than iOS 9
Over 50% of Apple devices now have iOS 10 installed

Apple has revealed that 54% of its devices now have iOS 10 installed.

The manufacturer posted a pie chart on its developer support page showing off the statistic, pulled from data measured via the App Store on October 7th.

While 54% of users have iOS 10 installed, 38% of users are still using iOS 9. 8% of devices have an earlier version of iOS installed.

Develop notes that this uptake is actually slower than the iOS 9 upgrade, which hit 50% of devices in just four days.

Spreading out

iOS 10 launched on September 13th, meaning it took almost a month to reach a similar uptake.

That said, iOS 9 didn't drop support for any devices at the time, and supported the largest number of devices compared to any other iOS release.

iOS 10 dropped support for any device older than the iPhone 5, 4th generation iPad, or 6th generation iPod Touch.

It did, however, come with a raft of improvements to Siri and Messages and added support for livestreaming games directly from the device.