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Palringo launches 2015 IAP charity drive with rare fish event

Pledging 50 percent of Fishing Bot's revenue
Palringo launches 2015 IAP charity drive with rare fish event

The community gaming platform Palringo will be raising money to help combat world hunger, after teaming up with Action Against Hunger and Islamic Relief.

The company conducts charity campaigns annually, and the 2015 event has players of the Fishing Bot group chat game competing to catch four limited edition fish.

Reel good cause

Starting 15 June and spanning for four weeks, a new fish will be released each week throughout the campaign.

Each one that is caught will add points to the players’ individual fishing chart, as well as their combined group chart, and anyone who manages to catch all four will be awarded a special charity Achievement.

Players can purchase 'chum' to boost the group's chances of encountering bigger and rarer fish, as well as new casts for landing heavier fish.

50 percent of Fishing Bot's profits during this time will be donated to the two charities.

These purchases, then, will go directly towards helping those at risk of hunger around the world, particularly in Nepal and India.

From previous campaigns in the past two years, Palringo has raised $400,000 for charity.