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Pedro Pascal joins the Merge Mansion creative campaign

Following on from other major Hollywood stars, the Last of Us star has joined the Metacore creative campaign
Pedro Pascal joins the Merge Mansion creative campaign

Pedro Pascal has joined the highly successful Merge Mansion creative campaign in a new trailer.

The trailer for Metacore’s flagship match-3 game shows the film star as detective Tim Rockford in the continuation of the pseudo-mystery storyline set up by the adverts. Which were originally computer-animated before switching to a live-action format starring another famous actor, Kathy Bates, who starred as Grandma Ursula. The pseudo-storyline being set up in the advertisements has repeatedly caught the eye of audiences.

Pascal’s involvement also comes at a time when the actor is involved in numerous high-profile projects such as The Mandalorian and The Last of Us, the latter of which is an adaptation of the PlayStation title. It seems that Pascal is gravitating towards even more game roles if his endorsement of Merge Mansion is anything to go by.

Merging media campaigns

Merge Mansion’s creative campaigns have been a massive success certainly in industry appreciation and audience reception. Metacore’s earlier campaigns relied on grabbing audience attention with outrageous plots, however their shift to a pseudo-realistic but still comedic live-action format with famed actor Kathy Bates brought them a double-win at the Ogilvy awards last year.

Securing a high-profile actor like Pedro Pascal, who’s been a rising star for the past few years in Hollywood, is likely to offer a sense of confidence to investors and players alike. As it shows Metacore are in a position to bring on major names to advertise their game. And given how successful Merge Mansion has been, and Metacore securing the Everdale licence with a view to reviving the game, it seems that the developer has every reason to be confident this year.