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Metacore to acquire Merge Mansion and Clash of Clans animators studio Piñata

The animation studio is Metacore’s first acquisition and will serve to bolster their creative abilities
Metacore to acquire Merge Mansion and Clash of Clans animators studio Piñata
Date Type Companies Involved Size
Oct 13, 2023 acquisition Metacore Not disclosed

Merge Mansion developers Metacore will acquire animation studio Piñata to increase their capabilities for in-house marketing production.

Studio Piñata have previously worked on animations for high profile marketing campaigns for Metacore's own Merge Mansion and Supercell's Clash of Clans. The deal will see Metacore acquiring 100% of the shares in the company, with the two having worked closely together since the release of Merge Mansion in 2020.

”Traditionally, mobile games have been apps on your phone. Our mission is to create entertainment with our games but also with our marketing and community building,” says Metacore’s CEO Mika Tammenkoski.

“Piñata brings us not only animation skills and capabilities, but creative storytelling both for our games and marketing. Piñata is our highly valued, long-term partner and is already an integral part of our marketing. Teaming up will benefit both parties,” he added.

The move marks their first company acquisition, following their acquisition of discontinued Supercell title Everdale.

Co-founder of Piñata Sari Tani said, “Piñata has grown from visual producer to a creative storytelling partner. We have been involved in creating the story of Merge Mansion from the beginning and now we have the opportunity to deepen the collaboration with future new games, too. Together we will create a better future of mobile game storytelling.”

An animated acquisition

Some companies have already found success with video game animations, such as Konami’s Castlevania and Riot Games’ Arcane, although it may be a stretch to suggest Metacore could follow their lead now they have their own animation studio. But it’s not impossible given that mobile has begun to follow the example of mainstream game makers in bringing their adaptations to the small-screen. Plarium’s Raid Shadow Legends will be receiving its own animated spin-off, and even if a full series is not in the works for Metacore, the acquisition of Piñata indicates they are fully aware of how important the creative aspect of their marketing and the promotion is.

The acquisition of Piñata is also another example of Metacore’s rapid growth. The studio has recently opened its first overseas branch in Berlin, with the success of Merge Mansion - that recently hit 50m downloads - fuelling their expansion.