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Metacore opens first overseas office in Berlin as Merge Mansion hits 50m downloads

The developer has expanded rapidly over the past few years thanks to the success of their breakout merge hit
Metacore opens first overseas office in Berlin as Merge Mansion hits 50m downloads

Merge Mansion developer Metacore is set to open an office in Berlin, Germany as its first overseas location. The expansion comes alongside a 50m downloads milestone for Merge Mansion.

Their breakout hit has seen huge success, as well as media attention for a creative ad campaign series featuring Hollywood stars such as Kathy Bates and Pedro Pascal. Metacore has already become a significant example of growth in the Finnish games market, which itself has already produced historically significant studios such as Rovio and Supercell.

CEO of Metacore, Mika Tammenkoski stated, "We’ve been planning our expansion and vetting different markets for quite some time now to support our growth and talent acquisition. We’re excited to finally reveal that we’re setting up shop in Germany. Berlin not only has some of the top games talent in the world, but it’s also a hotspot for creative industries and entertainment. We can’t wait to contribute to and collaborate with this vibrant ecosystem.”

“While the first team on the ground in Berlin will initially focus on Merge Mansion, we currently have multiple games under development and are constantly looking for new talent to help us create and bring new games to the market,” Tammenkoski added.

Major Metacore

The growth of Metacore indicates that the studio is becoming a force to be reckoned with in mobile. The studio has already grown significant links with other major players, including an unusual deal earlier in the year to acquire discontinued Supercell title Everdale from the company.

The opening of a new studio abroad sets the scene for further global expansion, and at a time when layoffs and uncertainty abound within the industry, this sort of move is bold but welcomed.