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Perfect World is bringing Persona to mobile

Confirmed for release in China
Perfect World is bringing Persona to mobile

Chinese publisher Perfect World is set to bring popular JRPG franchise Persona to mobile devices.

As detailed in Niko Partners senior analyst Daniel Ahmad's tweet, the game is for smartphones only and is currently known as Code Name: X.

"Perfect World says that they are creating an original mobile game adaptation of a famous Japanese console RPG series that has sold over 10 million units worldwide," Ahmad said.

He then went on to clarify that Perfect World had indeed confirmed to him that it is a Persona title that it is working on.

What's your persona?

However, the game is in early development and has only been confirmed for a Chinese release, for the time being at least.

Perfect World also announced 30 new games at a conference, many of which are based on Japanese IPs.

The Persona franchise has been around since the 1990s, since its first installment, Revelations: Persona, was released on the PlayStation.

Most recently, Persona 5 Royal was released in 2019 for PlayStation 4.