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PG Connects San Francisco: Empowering indie game devs with The Very Big Indie Pitch and Xsolla Funding

The Very Big Indie Pitch showcases innovative projects, offers expert insights, and provides funding opportunities through Xsolla Funding sponsorship
PG Connects San Francisco: Empowering indie game devs with The Very Big Indie Pitch and Xsolla Funding
  • Very Big Indie Pitch competitions allow indie developers s to pitch mobile, PC, and console games to experts
  • Xsolla Funding sponsors the pitch, offering its Funding Club, Accelerator program with education and mentorship

With less than a week to go, PG Connects x Game Connection San Francisco is all set to bring together games professionals from all over the globe to network, pitch and learn from the games industry’s top authorities.

The event will cover mobile, PC, console, Web3, AI, AR and so much more across track rooms and round table sessions and our brilliant speakers and panellists will deliver insightful content into design, development, monetisation and more.

And along with all this amazing content on the show floor, our industry-renowned fringe event opportunities are back including our Very Big Indie Pitch competitions and our Publisher Speedmatch and Investor Connector matchmaking events.

The Very Big Indie Pitches

Our Very Big Indie Pitch competitions come in two separate categories: Mobile and PC + Console. They offer shortlisted developers a chance to impress some of the biggest experts the industry has to offer (including journalists, publishers, investors, and notable indies) who'll be there to answer questions and give expert insight on each game.

Our unique speed dating format gives each developer five minutes with each panel of expert judges, meaning entrants will get real feedback from the event. The winners will also be featured across Steel Media’s network of websites - such as Pocket Gamer and PC Games Insider - making this a great chance to get your game up in lights.

Sponsored by Xsolla Funding

PG Connects are delighted to welcome Xsolla Funding, the leading provider of game development financing solutions, as our Very Big Indie Pitch sponsor, extending its unwavering commitment to empowering indie game creators.

Xsolla say, “Xsolla Funding is dedicated to supporting your journey to success. Through the Xsolla Funding Club, connect with developers, publishers, and investors who can support and propel your game towards triumph. Embark on your game development journey with the Xsolla Accelerator, a robust program offering different educational initiatives, personalised mentorship, and opportunities to secure funding for your game. It's all here to support you in achieving your goals.”

Past Big Indie Pitch participants say…

"It's a great way to focus on what's most important in my game. I get excited about Unnatural Disaster, so it's easy to go on about it. But the pitch lasts just five minutes so I had to jump right in with the pillars of my game, what makes it stand out, and highlight the most compelling parts. Which is coincidentally exactly what you need for good marketing! And on the subject of honest feedback, it's hard to beat a Shark Tank full of video game publishers!

I've done the Big Indie Pitch twice now, and meeting the other developers in the waiting room was a highlight both times. The first time we ended up introduced to a bunch of devs we didn't know right in our own backyard. The second became an impromptu game trailer review, with everyone sharing their videos and suggesting improvements. It was really insightful!"

Kevin Tarchenski, Rumor Games - first place at The Digital Big Indie Pitch #3 (Mobile)

"There's an intrinsically satisfying quality to having your work judged. When I'm working through a marathon sprint, I'm hyper-critical of my work and often worry about whether or not it's good enough.

"It's validating to receive feedback, to be recognised by industry experts, to feel that your work creates the kind of impact that you intended. It's also valuable to get realistic calibrations from the judges on what I should expect and what I should consider doing to improve."

Ross Przybylski, D20Studios, third place at The Digital Big Indie Pitch #7 (Mobile Edition)

"Aside from building Miracle Tea’s pitching mileage, morale and confidence in our game. Big Indie Pitch has already opened up a handful of opportunities with publishers and press. We got put in contact with the charity organisation Safe In Our World who’s currently writing us a piece on Ruya and Alula as a result of a meeting we had from the PGC Digital #4 event in early November. This wouldn’t have happened without Big Indie Pitch so thank you! Beyond this, we still hope to gain contact with potential platforms and investors to help grow further support for Alula and see us launch on time.”

Bradley Smith, Miracle Tea, first place at The Digital Big Indie Pitch #4 (Mobile Edition)

Book your ticket to San Francisco today!

There’s still time to book your ticket to join us in San Francisco on March 18 - 19 and check out all that's on offer, head over to our site now and register while you still can!