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PGC Digital: Bringing ASO and user acquisition together

"ASO is the process of improving an app's visibility in app stores throughout its lifetime and maximise its appeal to users"
PGC Digital: Bringing ASO and user acquisition together

Last year, Apple announced that it would change its App Store policies regarding consumer tracking. As such, app developers will need to adapt their user acquisition strategies.

As part of Pocket Gamer Connects Digital #5, AppTweak head of ASO Simon Thillay discussed how mobile games could leverage App Store optimisation (ASO) for post IDFA user acquisition.

"ASO is the process of improving an app's visibility in app stores throughout its lifetime and maximise its appeal to users," said Thillay.

It involves not only getting new traffic, but also supports inorganic traffic whilst also improving reviews and ratings for applications. It is essential to optimise a range of things, including the title, subtitle description, keywords, category and more.

How will it help

Apple has changed up its data policies, meaning app developers need users' consent to track their data. As such, it is expected that many devs will lose a crucial source of optimisation data.

The change is believed to come into effect in "early spring" 2021.

Many developers are now looking at shifting their budgets to centre on Apple search ads (ASA) funds as those advertisements have more of an exemption to the incoming changes. ASO could prove useful in this situation.

For example, ASO keywords volume data is based on ASA, which can help to identify keywords to target specific consumers.

The key

"It is a mutually beneficial relationship," said Thillay.

ASA can be used to gain additional information when it comes to a keyword prioritisation strategy. Moreover, it can test a broader range of keywords which will aid in building upon presented opportunities.

"Making sure that you also consider am I ranking better because it is doing better organically" will come into play.

Most apps that get a top spot in ASA tend to also perform well in organic search results, though this is not automatic.

Creative optimisation

When it comes to user acquisition, developers could try different marketing messages with store creatives before going forward with their UA efforts.

ASA can offer additional conversion opportunities through displaying more screenshots and videos from a devs creation gallery. Moreover, creative set features allow apps actually to display the most relevant screenshots.

Meanwhile, on Google Play, custom store listings can offer more accurate messaging to specific countries to promote special offers or retarget users.

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