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Plarium launches Twentieth Century Fox-licensed Rio: Match-3 Party

Jesse Eisenberg reprises his role as a bird
Plarium launches Twentieth Century Fox-licensed Rio: Match-3 Party

Plarium has launched its new licensed match-3 game Rio: Match-3 Party globally on Android and iOS.

It is the second game to be developed by Plarium in partnership with Twentieth Century Fox. The game uses the license for characters, backgrounds and voice acting from the film's lead Jesse Eisenberg.

Rio: Match-3 Party boasts over 15 hours of spoken dialogue from Eisenberg and other new cast members. As the name suggests, it is a match-3 puzzler.

Triple-A production values

"Rio combines the signature triple-A production values and depth of Plarium's flagship mobile titles with the casual gameplay of Match-3 to create something really special," says Gabi Shalel, CMO of Plarium.

"Knowing how much fans love the energy, characters, and adventures of the Rio world, we had to go beyond what people expect from a typical match-3 game. With accessible, yet challenging gameplay, detailed 3D character animations, lush environments, and fully-voiced interactive dialogue, we feel that we’ve set a new gold standard for the genre."

The game was first announced back in February 2017. There is still no word on Plarium's game using the Terminator Genysis license it picked up in June 2016.