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Playmob CEO Jude Ower makes Talent Unleashed shortlist

A 'one to watch' in the tech scene
Playmob CEO Jude Ower makes Talent Unleashed shortlist

Playmob CEO Jude Ower has been unveiled as one of the 15 names on the shortlist for the Talent Unleashed Awards, designed to recognise people who have "used technology in a creative or entrepreneurial way to transform business or the social landscape."

The nomination means Ower, who is behind Playmob's drive to enable developers to raise money for charities within games, is considered a 'one to watch' in the UK tech scene, with the overall winner set to be announced later in October.

Ones to watch

"The UK is renowned for innovation and these 15 ‘ones to watch’ exemplify the entrepreneurial and creative spirit that exists today," said Richard Earl, MD of award backer and IT and tech recruitment specialist Talent.

"Here at Talent, we’re all about discovering technology brilliance and these Talent Unleashed nominees are all potential worthy winners – not just people with great ideas, but a watertight strategy for delivery."

Playmob was founded in 2011 with a goal of aiding developers link up in-app purchases with charities.

"We want to make a tangible real-world difference through games," Ower told us when Playmob launched.

"Around three quarters of the global population plays games and by tapping into this community - doing what they do best - we can raise awareness to a mass audience about real world issues and raise funds for on-the-ground teams to deliver tangible benefits."