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Finnish developer PlayRaven partners with CCP for Eve mobile game Project Aurora

MMO set for full launch in 2018
Finnish developer PlayRaven partners with CCP for Eve mobile game Project Aurora
Date Type Companies Involved Size
Oct 7, 2017 partnership CCP PlayRaven Not disclosed

Finnish developer PlayRaven has partnered with CCP to develop a new mobile game set in the Eve Universe.

Eve Online is a popular space MMO in which players join giant corporations vying for control over territory in space, and is best known for its enormous PvP battles and player-created stories.

Mobile Eve

PlayRaven’s new mobile Eve game, Project Aurora, will be free-to-play MMO, and tasks players with working together to create the most powerful corporation and dominating the centre of the galaxy.

Its set for a soft launch in select territories in the near future. The game is slated for a full release in 2018.

“We’re all long-time fans of CCP and EVE Online, so we’re immensely proud and honoured to be working with such a legendary developer and beloved franchise,” said PlayRaven CEO Lasse Seppänen.

“It’s really a dream come true to have the opportunity to create a new Eve experience on mobile.”

CCP CEO Hilmar Veigar Pétursson added: “For years and years we have wanted to bring the Eve Universe to mobile devices in a way that is tailored to the platform and Eve fans.

“We wanted to find a partner who is passionate about Eve, has a track record of producing high quality and deep mobile games and is capable of creating completely new experiences on mobile. PlayRaven fit the bill perfectly.”

PlayRaven is a mobile developer based in Helsinki that has previously developed titles such as Robocide, Spymaster and Winterstate.