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Playrix launches new studio with Daily Magic as co-developer

Working remotely between US and Europe on Homescapes
Playrix launches new studio with Daily Magic as co-developer
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Gardenscapes' developer Playrix has established a new remote studio with developer Daily Magic.

Currently the studio works remotely between the US, Ukraine, and Russia, with plans to open a new studio in Kharkiv in Ukraine. 

Daily Magic is the first Playrix studio to join its group as a co-developer and has already began working on Playrix’s casual puzzle game Homescapes.

Daily Magic was founded 10 years ago as an indie studio and later went on to develop games for consoles, before reverting back to its roots as an indie dev studio.

The studio has developed over 30 titles, including Witching Tower VR, Sender Unknown: The Woods, and the Dark Dimensions series.

New studio

"It is a great honor for Daily Magic to become a part of the Playrix team, with whom we share similar values and focus on making high-quality products," said Daily Magic CEO Marianna Vallejo.

"Playrix is known for its modern methods of project management and team interaction, as well as its very serious system of operations management. We are confident that this approach and the company's active assistance in all organisational matters will allow us to move forward confidently."

Playrix chief business development officer Maxim Kirilenko added: "It gives us great joy to welcome the Daily Magic studio to Playrix. We are certain that the high potential of the team, combined with Playrix's experience and expertise, will be realised through work on our legendary hits such as Homescapes."

We recently spoke with Kirilenko about how the studio maintains Gardenscapes five years after launch as part of our 'Live and Kicking' series.