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Playstation rumoured to be seeking out partnerships in South Korea

Korea is another major hub for mobile despite speculations it is related to the company’s flagship console
Playstation rumoured to be seeking out partnerships in South Korea

Sony is shopping for third-party partnerships in South Korea, including possible talks with major mobile game developers in the region.

That’s according to reports from Korean news outlet MTN (via PlayStationLifestyle), who have said that the Sony is apparently in early-stage talks with a number of developers including the team behind upcoming soulslike Lies of P, Neowiz Games and Pearl Abyss, the developers of another upcoming action game Crimson Desert. Both of which you’ll note are already developing their titles for PS4 and PS5, although Neowiz has also struck a deal to also bring their game to Xbox Game Pass.

However, it’s additional studios such as Com2uS (Summoners’ War) that Sony have been in talks with which have proven equally intriguing. South Korea is of course a major hub for both mobile game players, developers and publishers. So it’s almost certain that when Sony are shopping around and seeking out mobile-exclusive developers that there may be some intriguing moves in the works.

Expansion to the East

While Sony is of course, Japanese, the company has struggled recently with a slow start and high-profile departure from its much-publicised PlayStation Mobile venture, the studio has also added new co-heads and judging by this move is still looking into more mobile partnerships. Sony also recently struck a deal with MiHoYo to bring Honkai Star: Rail to PS4 and PS5, but given the nature of Neowiz Games’ offerings it’s tempting to consider a possible acquisition.

It wouldn’t be the first acquisition that PlayStation mobile has secured, but it would still be another major step by securing a successful mobile studio. Equally, the possibility of a partnership can’t be discounted and is just as likely, possibly to develop a new title spinning off one of PlayStation’s existing franchises or, less likely, porting one of their games to the console.

Until more is confirmed the exact nature of the talks and what transpired in them is still up for debate. But for those concerned about PlayStation and Sony’s silence on the mobile front this is an interesting development.