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Pocket Gamer to mix and party in Paris for Game Connection 2014

Two events hitting Paris on 30 October
Pocket Gamer to mix and party in Paris for Game Connection 2014
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Paris: the city of romance, elegance and bad manners (at least from my experience).

But it also happens to be the home of Game Connection Europe, one of Europe’s leading conferences and mixing events, so of course you’d expect the Pocket Gamer team to be out there in force.

And we’re not the kind of people who disappoint. Which is why we’re hosting on 30 October not one but two brilliant Pocket Gamer events one after another for you to line up and smash out of the park.

Mix & Party

First up, we’ll be hosting the fourth leg of our immensely successful Pocket Gamer Mixer Tour, powered by SkyMobi, to kick the evening off. We are also teaming up with Cashplay who'll be orgaising a games tournament at the event!

At Back Up (18 Rue de la Croix, Nivert, 75015 Paris), from 6pm, our expert panel of experts will be looking at marketing and monetization within the gaming economy.

And what a bunch of brains we’ve got to tackle this topic:

  • William Heathershaw, SkyMobi
  • John Hwang, ZQGame
  • Vlad Micu, Freelance Game Professional
  • Nikola Cavic, Nordeus
  • Nichloas Lovell, Gamesbrief

But that’s not all we’ll be doing during our one night in Paris.

There ain't no party like a Pocket Gamer party
There ain't no party like a Pocket Gamer party

Oh no, once the panel has finished their incredibly intelligent and profound conversation we’ll then kick off a far less profound but fantastically fun Pocket Gamer Party, sponsored by the lovely ZQGame, to get you raving on through the night.

Grab your place

Ready to join in? To sign up, all you need to do is head over to the Eventbrite page for our Mixer and the Eventbrite page to sign up for our party.

Once you’ve done that, just remember to bring along a business card on the day so you can prove who you are so you can get in.

And that’s it for now! It’s only a few weeks to go until we arrive on French soil, so get a move on and sign up now to join us as we say bonjour to Europe’s sexiest capital. Ooh la la indeed!