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The latest site in the PocketGamer family offers a fresh way to keep ahead of the game launches today, offering a fresh way to find your new favorite mobile game
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The PocketGamer family has expanded with - a new place for mobile gamers to discover their next favourite mobile game.

The new site, in collaboration with domain specialists Radix, expands the PocketGamer family to cover all facets of mobile gaming. From business news here on, to consumer news on, now there’s a new, quick-to-read gamer-friendly site helping push discoverability for mobile titles to our huge and growing audience.

The main focus of the site is its “Hot Picks” list packed with recommendations for every genre imaginable as well as unique video trailers showcasing each title. It’s the Pocket Gamer Netflix menu for mobile gaming. And the site will also offer links through to relevant articles written on to build out your gaming experience, including features such as Mobile Game of the Week highlighting our favourite pick of the moment.

"Flooded with great games"

"18 years ago, when Pocket Gamer launched, having too many games to play wasn't a problem that anybody ever thought that they'd have," says Dann Sullivan, Editor in Chief of Pocket Gamer Brands. "In the years that have passed, however, it's definitely a case of somebody leaving the video game tap running, and the whole house getting flooded with great games.

"The idea of Pocket Gamer Fun is to wade through that and deliver a sharp, precise recommendation system that says 'Hey, look no further - this is your next favourite game!'

"We're excited about where gaming is going, and we think that Pocket Gamer Fun is a great, fun way for people to quickly find something new to play, a perfect gateway to the largest part of the gaming industry, and to our amazing reviews, news and more around the Pocket Gamer websites."

A major new addition

The creation of a new PocketGamer page recognises the increasing casual audience around mobile games and its focus on discoverability, which has been an increasing concernfor both gamers, developers and publishers alike, allowing players to finally find their new favourites - games that otherwise may have gone undiscovered.

Check out and find your next favourite game here.