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Pokémon GO making $1.6 million per day on the US App Store

Topping both Downloads and Grossing charts
Pokémon GO making $1.6 million per day on the US App Store

It's safe to say that Niantic Labs and Nintendo's Pokémon GO has been a phenomenon since its US launch.

The augmented reality game is not yet available worldwide, but many of those in unsupported territories are already using workarounds to get Pokémon hunting as it dominates charts in the US, Australia and New Zealand.

Leading the pack

To be deemed a major western success, a game has to gain significant traction in the US market.

According to Think Gaming data, Pokémon GO is well on track with daily revenues of over $1.6 million on the US App Store.

It's quickly topped both Downloads and Top Grossing charts, beating out those well established in the mobile space such as Mobile Strike and CSR Racing 2.

Nintendo is feeling the effect, too, with its market capitalisation skyrocketing 40% to $28 billion since the US launch of Pokémon GO on Thurday 7 July.

You can see Think Gaming's full Top Grossing iPhone - Games chart for yourself here.